Process, costs and documentation

Process, costs and documentation required for accreditation.

Process chart:

1.The initial application

Applications for accreditation of your courses must be made directly to OTTSA by completing the form online here..
Initial applications are free of charge and do not commit applicants to continue the application process.
OTTSA reserves the right to reject any application at this stage which it feels will not be successful.

2.Application for assessment of a course

Once the initial application is approved, applicants will be emailed a detailed questionnaire for assessment. This will include information on all aspects of their course, including staffing, assessment procedures and so forth. It is very important that applicants provide as much detail as possible as this will reduce the time needed during the next phase.

3.Onsite visit by a Principal Moderator (if required)

In the unlikely event of an onsite visit being required, the following charges apply. Typically the onsite visit duration is one working day, though this may vary depending on the length and scope of the course under scrutiny.

  • Length of course in hours
    Over 300
  • Cost of moderator visit

Please note: All travel costs for the moderator will be met by the applicant.

The specific details of this stage of the process will be discussed with applicants after the submission process, so that the onsite visit of the moderator is as efficient as possible.

At this stage the moderator will need to see examples of course, staffing, procedural and assessment documentation.

4.Full submission/ongoing moderation

Applicants are required to send the final submission for accreditation, from which OTTSA will make their final recommendations regarding accreditation. The first six months' accreditation fee is payable if the submission is successful. Typically, this is $600-700US, but will be indicated at an early stage. If the submission is unsuccessful, applicants receive a detailed evaluation documenting the reasons for the decision. Applicants may process a resubmission at any stage free of charge.

Accredited courses may use the OTTSA logo in their marketing and advertising campaigns. OTTSA also lists all accredited courses on their website. To maintain accreditation, a company must send sample work and correspondence either every month or every two months, depending on the course type and history of past moderations. OTTSA will review the submissions each time and provide a detailed report with recommendations as appropriate.

As a result of full accreditation, OTTSA is willing to communicate directly with potential trainees who contact the organisation regarding OTTSA accredited courses.

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